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Famous People in Malta

Angelina Jolie got a red carpet welcome while touring a Maltese Navy ship.

Angelina Jolie in Malta
The 39-year-old Oscar winner spent Sunday meeting with sailors, crewmembers and other government officials aboard a battleship in very close to Mosta.

Dressed casually in a black dress and top with black flats, Jolie was all smiles while walking around the ship as shipmen saluted her like Hollywood royalty. The actress also learned about the equipment aboard the vessel.
"She was very kind and gracious," an eyewitness tells us . "She listened to what everyone had to say and was very interested."

"Angelina looked amazing as always, she was dressed very simple but classy," the source adds. "She was happy and radiant. She looked really good."

Jolie's battleship tour came one day after she and husband Brad Pitt enjoyed a family yachting trip together on Saturday in Malta.

Jolie, Pitt and their six kids were accompanied by three bodyguards, yacht crewmembers and a nanny during their private family yacht trip around Selmun Bay in Malta.

The kids participated in some watersports activities while Pitt and Jolie hung out aboard the ship together and took pics of their brood having fun. In addition to fun in the water, the gang enjoyed a sushi lunch on the yacht.
Pitt and Jolie are currently in Malta filming their upcoming movie By the Sea.  Keep your eyes open while you are here in Malta maybe you will see the famous couple.

Angelina Jolie in Malta

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